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So we joined the line to Coventry at 5:30 last night. At that point, we were 17 miles from the exit ramp. We slept in our car that night, and by 9:00 the next morning, we'd only moved one mile. Behind us, the line of cars stretched out of sight.

And the Bunny just kept broadcasting Mike's speech, over and over.

I'm miserable that I never got to see Phish, and now I probably never will. But I'm also disappointed by so many of the fans who were in line with us.

  • Last night, at 1 AM, I heard two men from the car in front of us talking. "They deserve to have their fucking road trashed," one man said. "I mean, this is ridiculous." Who deserves to have their road trashed? The people of Vermont certainly don't.

    He and his buddy left a case of empty beer bottles on the side of the road. They weren't the only ones who littered, either. A few people were going around, trying to collect the trash, but they just couldn't keep up. By morning, garbage was strewn all the way down the road.

  • Some asshole woke us all up this morning at 5:30 AM. He was honking arythmically on his horn and shouting "Come on, let's go!" as though they could hear him 30 miles away at the gate.

  • After Mike's announcement, and a minute of frozen shock, the cars all started to pull out and leave. Then it seemed to occur to everyone, at the same time, that they might only be turning away cars, not pedestrians. Thousands of people pulled over and abandoned their cars. The rest kept going, looking for a closer spot.

    Another message came over The Bunny, asking us not to abandon our cars on the road. No one listened.

  • It was boiling hot, and most walkers had parked miles away from the exit. Route 91 was clogged with creeping cars and hitchhikers. One guy was walking down the middle of the lane, so we couldn't get around him. I gave him a helpless shrug; our car was already full. He responded by kicking my car.

  • And a few people actually did blame Phish. They went down the road, on foot, shouting things like "fuck Phish!" and "fuck Trey!"

I wonder how many in the crowd cared more about "not being defeated" than they did about seeing Phish one last time. It felt more like an angry mob than a festival.
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There not true phans. Just people who went to say they saw phish.
You know I actually want to cry when I see people just throw their trash around all the fucking place at shows and at fests?

Like wtf you moron? Pick your shit up and throw it the fuck away. Instead people have to pick up after the asshats who act like they're fucking babies and can't throw their fucking beer cans away.

my kid is 2 and she picks up after herself and she picks up after herself at SHOWS.. if she can do it.. why the fuck can't other people?
Doesn't it make you feel so helpless? It only takes a handful people to make us all look bad.
I had quite the opposite experience, before leaving. Everyone I saw and talked to were extremely nice and friendly and high spirited (as usual). I did however see a couple people littering (which isn't the norm by any means). The people picking up all the trash they could find definitely canceled that out for me. I don't know what I'm more upset about, not seeing the band again or not being around the people. Obviously both.
Just going to vent for a second. We got into traffic at about 11am Friday, sat in traffic until 9am the next morning when I immediately whipped around and got the hell out of there. I just got done driving for 16 hours to get back home. I do have to agree that I was disgusted with many of the people around us, but not all. I like to have as much fun as the next person but the people who drink like 12 beers, throw them on the ground, then get back in their cars and drive make me sick. I absolutely HATE being associated with those people, and those are the people that the folks of Vermont are going to remember, not the responsible Phish fans. Disgusting, and depressing. And, I don't understand why all of those people decided that was ok to drive in the left lane to try and bypass everyone else in traffic, that only adds to the trouble. Too many people at shows lately have lost all common decency and are completely inconsiderate. I am very very bummed that I will now never get to see Phish again, but I do not blame them personally, as long as they handle this professionally and make things right. Not a good last Phish memory.
No kidding! How many of the cars that actually got in belonged to people who'd cut the line in the night? I hate to even think about it.
This just really makes me sick. Utterly fucking sick.
If the people that were abandoning their cars were atcing like that then they deserve all the fucking hassle that's coming their way.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Alyssa and I decided that we wouldn't be part of the problem...now i'm stranded in a crazy town miles away from my house....BUT WHO CARES!!!!!
hi ben
hey baby
I can't believe that people are blaming the band, think littering is good revenge, and are acting so generally rude. Definitely not true phans.
My brother is somewhere in either Burlington or Coventry right now. We aren't sure as his cell phone is out of service but I don't think he made it into the concert after everything he went through to make it from our home in Mobile, AL (a flight delay, two flight bumps and then a six hour drive from Philly). I know that all he wanted was to see Phish one last time. He's talked nonstop about going. It's a shame that the weather just didn't cooperate.

So if anyone sees my little brother, point him back home.
"And a few people actually did blame Phish. They went down the road, on foot, shouting things like "fuck Phish!" and "fuck Trey!"

that really makes me sad (and angry)...
people like that dont even deserve to see the show...
On the bright side, at least some of the Vermont folks recognized that some of us were nice and not a bunch of embarrassing hooligans. I think the Burlington paper published the stories of the good phans all week.
I just turned 17 years old and this was my first Phish festival. My two friends and I set out Thursday night and were in traffic for 36 hours before we heard the announcement from Mike. The whole time up until that point we were motivated completely by a love for Phish. It seemed to me the majority of the people around me were in their late 20s and most were being assholes. They were blaring crap music wayy into the night, and dumping their trash everywhere along the highway. This wasn't too much all the ancy people who would try to fuck the people waiting in line for 30+ hours like myself by going into the left lane. However, by the time we had hitchhiked the last 10 miles to the show on saturday morning, the people in the grounds seemed much more genial and true phans who had not given up in the face of adversity. The weekend was a challenge to say the least but i would do it again in a second.
I hiked in, for my only phish show. They were letting all hikers into the venue, and the state police were forced to admit that the highway was the best parking in the area. yes the trash on the road sucked, yes there were a lot of twits, but there were always those of us who stayed true to the community.