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So we joined the line to Coventry at 5:30 last night. At that point, we were 17 miles from the exit ramp. We slept in our car that night, and by 9:00 the next morning, we'd only moved one mile. Behind us, the line of cars stretched out of sight.

And the Bunny just kept broadcasting Mike's speech, over and over.

I'm miserable that I never got to see Phish, and now I probably never will. But I'm also disappointed by so many of the fans who were in line with us.

  • Last night, at 1 AM, I heard two men from the car in front of us talking. "They deserve to have their fucking road trashed," one man said. "I mean, this is ridiculous." Who deserves to have their road trashed? The people of Vermont certainly don't.

    He and his buddy left a case of empty beer bottles on the side of the road. They weren't the only ones who littered, either. A few people were going around, trying to collect the trash, but they just couldn't keep up. By morning, garbage was strewn all the way down the road.

  • Some asshole woke us all up this morning at 5:30 AM. He was honking arythmically on his horn and shouting "Come on, let's go!" as though they could hear him 30 miles away at the gate.

  • After Mike's announcement, and a minute of frozen shock, the cars all started to pull out and leave. Then it seemed to occur to everyone, at the same time, that they might only be turning away cars, not pedestrians. Thousands of people pulled over and abandoned their cars. The rest kept going, looking for a closer spot.

    Another message came over The Bunny, asking us not to abandon our cars on the road. No one listened.

  • It was boiling hot, and most walkers had parked miles away from the exit. Route 91 was clogged with creeping cars and hitchhikers. One guy was walking down the middle of the lane, so we couldn't get around him. I gave him a helpless shrug; our car was already full. He responded by kicking my car.

  • And a few people actually did blame Phish. They went down the road, on foot, shouting things like "fuck Phish!" and "fuck Trey!"

I wonder how many in the crowd cared more about "not being defeated" than they did about seeing Phish one last time. It felt more like an angry mob than a festival.
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