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Look for me@

Hey everyone. I'm leaving in less than 12 hours. If anyone gets a chance to read this, take a look for my campsite. You're more than welcome to come by, have a beer, burger, or a bowl. Or maybe all three. I can't wait for it! Here's my flag!

My name is Sean but if you find my campsite, ask for ZEUS. cuz thats my nickname.

COVENTRY!!! oh yea, try my cell 6178777697
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you sound cool. i am gonna hit ya up even tho i don't eat burgers and i am not smoking for a while. hope ya have extra guinness!!
hahah is Sam Adams alright? guinness is a lil too much around here. the more the merrier though. I'll look for the guy in your icon assuming that is you.
sweet flag. I'll have to stop over for a little toast sometime.